Ashtanga Montauk – directed by authorized teacher Christine Hoar, is a new practice space in Montauk, NY, and is dedicated to preserving and transmitting the ancient spiritual practices of Ashtanga Yoga & Ayurvedic Medicine.

Christine is a dedicated student of yoga and has been blessed and authorized to teach the Ashtanga Yoga method in the tradition of her guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India.

As an Ashtanga teacher, she is committed to health, wellbeing, and personal growth by making the Yogic practices accessible to all levels of practitioners in a joyful, supportive, and challenging environment. She teaches private sessions in the Ashtanga tradition and yoga therapy, group classes, weekend workshops and longer retreats, both domestically and internationally.

Christine founded Bristol Yoga (Vermont) in 1997 where she taught daily classes for 17 years. The school served as a haven from the chaos of daily life, where people could gather together to breathe freely, move their bodies, and find some relaxation and inner peace. This vibrant and dedicated community in Vermont continues to thrive and she returns there regularly to direct and teach.

A love of surfing and the ocean brought Christine to Montauk where she now shares the traditional teachings of Ashtanga Yoga.

As an Ayurvedic  practitioner, she offers consultations to improve overall vitality and health, using the tools of diet, daily routine, herbs, meditation, Pranayama and Yoga. This is all based on ancient Ayurvedic principles and techniques. She also teaches workshops ranging in topic from Seasonal Cleansing, “Ayurvedic Nutrition” and “Ayurvedic Cooking” to “Creating Healthy Daily and Seasonal Routines”.

We  forward to meeting you, on the mat, at the beach or in the ocean. Until then, be well and happy!

Christine Hoar